The doctor of the future will have no medicines to offer, but will instruct people in the care of their bodies, in healthy diet, and in the prevention of disease.

-  Thomas Edison


Wondering why a doctor is addressing not only HEALTH, but WEALTH too?

Great question, but Thomas Edison said it best and I AM truly that doctor. After graduating from medical school, I worked in clinics for 2 years then quickly realized a few things.

  • I enjoy the role of teacher, I want to have the time and ability to truly SHOW patients/clients how to live healthy lives, to prevent disease and to build wealth.
  • I could better serve patients/clients and have a greater reach working remotely and in this capacity.
  • Each person is very unique and should not have the same health or wealth plan.

  • Ready, Set, Let’s GO….. I am going to use my experiences, education and personal breakthroughs to help you transform your life.

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