My Story

After 20 years of working in Corporate America and as a successful Entrepreneur and Real Estate mogul, Dr. Keshia Tate (affectionately known as Dr. K) responded to the call to become a healer at the tender age of 44. She was in a near fatal car accident and walked through the decline of her own mother’s health and ultimate demise. Dr. K witnessed first hand, the multitude of disparities, inconsistencies, and inequalities in our current health care system and decided to answer a clear call to duty. 

Her success in Corporate America came from a passion for excellence and a rare gift for strategic execution. This trait is often found in the DNA of champions. 

Dr. K’s journey began by first reviewing her own experiences, then that of her friends and family. Committed to finding real solutions for not just herself, but society at large; the science, positive outcomes and the common sense approach of Naturopathic Medicine represented truth and continuity in the world of healing that she was seeking. 

After graduating from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. K’s mission has been to combine the science of medicine with knowledge gained from her tenure in Corporate America with solid strategies and the best practices of a successful entrepreneur.  

This rare combination of experiences and education has allowed her to innovate and blaze new trails and successful outcomes in the healthcare industry. For her patients/clients, she applies knowledge, solutions, and accountability for optimal health, wellness and wealth. For other physicians, she brings applied wealth strategies while advancing the business of medicine for the benefit of all. 

Dr. Keshia Tate: the very definition of a doctor-preneur.  

Her mission is to empower others to …….
Change your Wealth, Change your Health!

Dr. Keshia Tate